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● Meet locals & internationals, discover new cultures, new places and make friends from around the world during your trip, as an expat or in your hometown.


TripMeeters is a worldwide community. It brings back human contact and deeply relies on trust, commitment and reliability.

TripMeeters transmits and highlights the values of sharing, exchange, openness and authenticity.

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We're a new community dedicated to motivated language learners, new in town, expatriates, travelers sharing and building: 

  • Exclusive access to a growing global network of language learners, expatriates, locals and travellers so you can connect with the right people & information to take things to the next level
  • Insider conversations with high-performing language learners & teachers on subjects like tips, tandem, travels, grammar and more
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  • Invitations to members-only events and meetings launched by our community
  • Find and attend meetings close to where you live and during a trip
  • Organise meetings in your favorite spots at your preferred day and time 
  • Find a language exchange partner so you can have a tandem as much as you want
  • Get real tips to enhance your vocabulary, grammar skills and stay motivated
  • Become fluent by talking with native speakers.

How The Idea Came Out?

StéFh, the founder: 

"2 things fascinate me in life: Travelling and languages, I visited over thirty countries and speak 5 languages.

I wanted to be closer to the locals, get soaked in local culture, communicate with local people and live enriching experiences …

… but I realized that it wasn’t easy to meet local people and I was frustrated not to be able to practice my languages especially when you are shy.

Back in Paris, I helped expatriates in French. This is how it started…"